NICE urinary tract infection (recurrent): antimicrobial prescribing

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Summary covers an antimicrobial prescribing strategy for preventing recurrent urinary tract infections in children, young people, and adults.

Recurrent urinary tract infections include both the lower and upper UTI. The NICE guideline advises on how to prevent recurrent UTIs, this Guidelines for Nurses summary includes:

  • when to refer and seek specialist advice
  • treatment for women with recurrent UTI who are not pregnant
    • oestrogen
    • antibiotic prophylaxis
  • treatment for men and pregnant women with recurrent UTI
  • treatment for children and young people under 16 years with recurrent UTI
  • reassessment
  • self-care
  • choice of antiobiotic prophylaxis
  • an algorithm–UTI (recurrent): antimicobial prescribing

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