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RCN guideline: termination of pregnancy


Read this concise summary of RCN guidance for key recommendations on consent, pre-assessment, and post-termination of pregnancy care.

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Heavy menstrual bleeding: information for the public


What care should a patient expect? This summary on the management of heavy menstrual bleeding is intended to be used in consultation with patients.

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Endometriosis: information for the public


This concise summary covers making decisions about endometriosis treatment and where to find more support

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RCN guideline: Nurse specialist in menopause


This summary outlines the role of the nurse specialist in menopause. Includes guidance on the required clinical practice skills and service provision

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NICE heavy menstrual bleeding guideline


Includes updated recommendations on management and investigations on the causes of HMB. Also covers history taking, and provision of information

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Feature articles

holloway debra

Causes, diagnosis, and management of common gynaecological symptoms


Debra Holloway discusses common gynaecological symptoms, differential diagnosis, and treatment


Top tips: menopause

2018-10-29T08:40:00+00:00By ,

Dr Alice Scott and Dr Louise Newson offer ten top tips on diagnosing and managing the menopause and premature ovarian insufficiency

Holloway debra

Practical tips for the diagnosis and management of fibroids


Debra Holloway discusses ten practical tips for the diagnosis and management of fibroids—providing information on the aetiology and symptoms of fibroids, when treatment is necessary, and the treatment options available.

greenfield jenny

Practical implementation tips for setting up a successful cervical screening service


Jenny Greenfield shares 10 top tips to help nurses set up and run effective cervical screening services

raine shelley

UKMEC supports the delivery of safe, evidence-based contraceptive care


Shelley Raine explains why the UKMEC is so important in general practice and how to apply the recommendations when seeing women, both for the initiation of a contraceptive method and continuation of a treatment.

Tools and resources

preconception pathway

Making the case for preconception care


This guide covers why preconception health matters, what it involves, and how preconception care can be improved

Vaccination 1 250x166

Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination and cervical cancer—addressing the myths


This factsheet covers information about HPV vaccine programme for girls, suitable for school nurses, GPs, and screening and immunisation practioners

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