Skin and wound care

skin and wound care

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PCDS atopic eczema guideline


An overview of the management of atopic eczema. Covers taking a clinical history, step-by-step treatment, and includes an eczema management plan.

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Wounds UK lipoedema guideline


What are the clinical signs of lipoedema? Read this summary to find out. Includes a useful and concise management algorithm.


PCDS psoriasis treatment pathway guideline


An easy-to-follow summary of the PCDS treatment pathway for the assessment and management of psoriasis based on site of psoriasis

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BSACI chronic urticaria and angioedema guideline

2017-07-06T09:44:00+01:00By Standards of Care Committee British Society for Allergy and Clinical Immunology

An up-to-date summary of guidance on causes and management of chronic urticaria and angioedema, featuring a useful algorithm to help with diagnosis


SIGN cutaneous melanoma guideline


Easy-to-read summary of SIGN’s guideline on the management of cutaneous melanoma in primary care.

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