Sexual health

sexual health

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Women’s health: migrant health guide


Summary covers key points and resources for managing women’s health in migrants. Includes guidance on sexual and reproductive health, and pregnancy

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NICE condom distribution schemes guideline


This Guidelines for Nurses summary of the NICE guidance on condom distribution schemes aims to reduce the risk of STIs and promote information and advice about sexual health.

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PHE zika virus sexual transmission guideline


This summary of Public Health England’s guidance covers advice for travellers to avoid sexual transmission of the Zika virus.

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FSRH UKMEC contraception guideline


A summary of the FSRH UKMEC guidance on the the safety of contraceptive methods, which is set out in clear and concise tables.

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PHE FGM guideline


A clear summary of the Department of Health's guidance on female genital mutilation risk and safeguarding.

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Feature articles

raine shelley

UKMEC supports the delivery of safe, evidence-based contraceptive care


Shelley Raine explains why the UKMEC is so important in general practice and how to apply the recommendations when seeing women, both for the initiation of a contraceptive method and continuation of a treatment.

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