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public health

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NICE intermediate care guideline


This summary offers guidance for nurses involved in the delivery of intermediate care, including on core principles, assessment, and referral.

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NICE smoking cessation guideline


This summary covers evidence-based interventions for encouraging smoking cessation, engaging with smokers who may or may not be ready to quit, and relevant training to support stop smoking services.


PHE routine immunisation schedule guideline


Summary of Public Health England's routine immunisation schedule—provides information for health professionals and immunisation practitioners.

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NICE child maltreatment guideline


This summary explores features suggestive of child maltreatment including clinical presentations, physical/psychological signs, and signs of neglect.

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PHE malaria prevention guideline


Summary of PHE malaria prevention guideline, covers recommendations on chemoprophylaxis, diagnosis, and emergency standby treatment

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Tools and resources

A snapshot of the SMMGP final report

Supporting nurse mentors to reduce the barriers to implementing alcohol Interventions and Brief Advice (IBA) in primary care


This report for Alcohol Research UK aims to reduce the barriers to implementation for alcohol Identification and Brief Advice.

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