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SIGN FASD guideline


Failure to recognise prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) as a possible cause of behavioural difficulties, such as ADHD, may contribute to adverse outcomes for the child. This summary covers the identification of children affected by prenatal alcohol exposure and includes a succinct and helpful diagnostic algorithm.

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PHE scarlet fever guideline


A concise summary of the PHE guideline on the management of scarlet fever and its complications, and the recommended actions to effectively treat them


PHE childhood flu vaccines guideline


This concise and useful algorithm shows which flu vaccine children should have.

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NICE child maltreatment guideline


This summary explores features suggestive of child maltreatment including clinical presentations, physical/psychological signs, and signs of neglect.

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NICE guideline: faltering growth


This summary provides useful information on weight loss in the early days of life and faltering growth after the early days of life. Interventions, monitoring, referral, and organisation of care are covered.

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Feature articles

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Inhaler choices for children and adults—do you know all the options?


Jane Scullion provides some simple and practical advice on optimal inhaler device selection for adults and children, in the third of a mini-series of feature articles.

Tools and resources

Baby holding finger

Group B streptococcus guide


What are the signs of group B streptococcus (GBS) infection in an infant? This guide covers key points the on prevention of early onset GBS disease

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Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination and cervical cancer—addressing the myths


This factsheet covers information about HPV vaccine programme for girls, suitable for school nurses, GPs, and screening and immunisation practioners

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