Guideline summaries

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BAPEN adult malnutrition guideline


A summary on the identification and management of adult malnutrition in the community. Includes the ‘MUST’ tool and a treatment algorithm.

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NICE guideline: nutrition support for adults


This summary provides useful information on nutrition support for adults. It covers oral nutrition support, enteral tube feeding, and parenteral nutrition.

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NNNG guideline: measuring body weight


Summary providing a step-by-step approach to ensure that adults and children (not babies) are weighed accurately.

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Managing malnutrition in COPD

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This summary provides advice on identifying malnutrition risk in patients with COPD and managing nutrition in accordance with risk category; it also provides a pathway for using oral nutritional supplements.

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Government healthy eating recommendations


This summary provides government dietary advice and nutrient recommendations throughout the life course.

Tools and resources

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Ethics and clinically assisted nutrition or hydration approaching the end of life—decision tree


Source: BAPEN ( Hosted with permission. November 2012.

Cow's milk allergy—the facts


Source: Anaphylaxis Campaign ( Hosted with permission. January 2016 (next review date January 2019).