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NICE Parkinson's disease guideline


Summary on the diagnosis of Parkinson’s, managing and monitoring impulse control, with advice on the pharmacological management of motor symptoms

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SIGN epilepsy guideline


This summary covers SIGN advice on diagnosing and managing epilepsy. Includes status epilepticus, treatments, and patient-group-specific approaches.


MND Association/RCGP motor neurone disease guideline

2015-02-03T00:00:00+00:00By Motor Neurone Disease Association and Royal College of General Practitioners

A useful, easy-to-read 'red flag' diagnosis tool for motor neurone disease. Includes differential diagnosis, role of the MDT, and indications for referral.


NICE MS guideline


A brief NICE guidance summary relevant to primary care about diagnosis of MS, support for patients, and modifiable risk factors for relapse and progression.

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Management of MS in primary care

2013-10-01T00:00:00+01:00By Working Party—Rashid Cox Jackson McFadden Merriman and Vernon

Useful guidance summary on the management of multiple sclerosis in primary care. Includes treatment options for common symptoms, and management of relapses.

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Feature articles


Depression in Parkinson’s disease: how nurses can help

2019-07-30T10:53:00+01:00By Emma Edwards

Emma Edwards highlights the effect depression can have on patients with Parkinson’s disease and the need for support from Parkinson’s disease nurse specialists

Tools and resources

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Migraine diary


This migraine diary from Migraine Action is intended to be shared with patients so that they can identify triggers and patterns to their attacks, which can help with later management and prevention while being a great asset for them to share with you in consultations.

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