Musculoskeletal and joints

musculoskeletal and joints

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ROS vitamin D and bone health guideline


This summary is a quick guide on who to test for vitamin D deficiencies, how to interpret the results, treatment options, and follow up.

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NICE rheumatoid arthritis guideline


This updated summary of the 2018 NICE rheumatoid arthritis guideline includes recommendations on referral, diagnosis, and investigations.

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BSR gout guideline


This summary, including a useful algorithm for the management of patients with gout, focuses on recommendations for modification of lifestyle and risk factors that would normally be addressed during a nurse consultation for a patient with gout.

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NICE falls in older people guideline


An easy-to-read summary of NICE's guideline on the assessment and prevention of falls in older people, including a discussion of possible interventions.

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EULAR/ACR polymyalgia rheumatica guideline

2016-03-29T00:00:00+01:00By European League Against Rheumatism American College of Rheumatology

A brief guideline on the management of polymyalgia rheumatica. Includes a useful management algorithm.

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Tools and resources

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Osteoarthritis—information and exercise sheet


This exercise sheet, published by Arthritis Research UK, provides useful information for patients with osteoarthritis on how to get active and provides suggestions for simple exercises that they can do at home.

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Competency framework for fracture prevention practitioners


This competency framework is intended as a practical working document for all nurses, allied health professionals, and doctors working in secondary fracture prevention in any setting.

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