Liver disease

liver disease

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Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD): NICE information for the public


This summary provides useful information for the public on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), including diagnosis, management, and decision-making processes related to the condition.

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NICE non-alcoholic fatty liver disease guideline


A summary of NICE guidance on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Includes identification, lifestyle advice, and pharmacological treatment.

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NICE cirrhosis guideline


A useful and concise summary on the assessment and management of cirrhosis. Recommendations cover diagnosis, monitoring, and managing complications.

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NICE hepatitis B and C testing guideline


This summarises NICE's guideline developed to ensure that more people at increased risk of hepatitis B and C infection are tested.

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CLDF guideline: Yellow Alert stool chart


A summary of the CLDF's Yellow Alert stool chart—for tracking the colour of newborn babies' stools and being alert to warning signs of prolonged jaundice.

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UK/XIF5/1017/0353 Date of Preparation March 2018
  • Best practice in liver care

  • Management of overt hepatic encephalopathy: a focus on rifaximin-α and NICE TA337

Educational resources

Hepatic encephalopathy patient passport thumbnail

Patient Passport—Hepatic encephalopathy
Developed by Norgine Pharmaceuticals Limited as a service to patients
Date of preparation March 2018


The Patient Passport is a practical document to help patients keep information to hand relating to their condition—hepatic encephalopathy. It includes space to track their medications, clinical information, and instructions given by their healthcare team.

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