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PHE malaria prevention guideline


Summary of PHE malaria prevention guideline, covers recommendations on chemoprophylaxis, diagnosis, and emergency standby treatment

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Pneumonia in adults: NICE information for the public


This summary provides useful information for the public on pneumonia, including what symptoms to expect, making a diagnosis, and management with antibiotics, including the length of expected recovery time.

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PHE infection guideline


A clear and concise summary of the PHE guidance on management of infection guidance for primary care for consultation and local adaptation

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NICE feverish illness guideline


A NICE guideline summary of the 2017 feverish illness in children under 5 years with a ‘traffic light’ approach to assessing risk, and features of specific diseases

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NICE condom distribution schemes guideline


This Guidelines for Nurses summary of the NICE guidance on condom distribution schemes aims to reduce the risk of STIs and promote information and advice about sexual health.

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