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Coeliac disease: NICE information for the public


This summary provides information for the public on coeliac disease, including when tests should be performed, what the test results mean, and how to manage the condition.

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NICE Crohn’s disease guideline


A clear guideline summary on the management of Crohn’s disease in adults, children, and young people.

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NICE coeliac disease guideline


This useful summary covers the recognition, referral and monitoring of people with coeliac disease.

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PHE suspected infectious diarrhoea guideline


A concise summary of Public Health England guidance on managing suspected infectious diarrhoea.

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NICE IBS guideline


A summary of NICE guidance on the diagnosis and management of IBS in primary care. Includes dietary, lifestyle, pharmacological, and alternative approaches.

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  • Treating chronic constipation: information for healthcare professionals and patients

  • Treating the symptoms of GORD: information for patients

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Simple steps for good bowel health


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