FSRH CHC guideline

A tab of contraceptive pills in IPB Green

This concise updated summary of the FRSH combined hormonal contraception guideline covers use, effectiveness, non-contraceptive benefits, and risks.

Combined hormonal contraception (CHC) is a popular choice of contraception around the world with over a third of UK women using oral contraception. Data suggests that most women on oral contrapception opt for combined oral contraception. CHCs use estrogen and progestin to prevent pregnancies. The following Guidelines  summary of the updated FSRH CHC guideline includes:

  • Use of CHCs
  • Effectiveness of CHC
  • Non-contraceptive health benefits
  • Health risks 
  • Information on CHC consultations
  • CHC follow-up
  • Specfic advice for those on CHC
  • Recommendations for stopping CHC
  • Use in premenopause

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