The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) has updated An RCN toolkit for school nurses—supporting your practice to deliver services for children and young people in educational settings.

Designed to support school nurses in caring for children by providing information, examples of good practice, and links to further information, the revised toolkit places more of an emphasis on mental health. School nursing numbers are falling, but there has been a 14% rise in the number of hospitalisations for children as a result of self harm.

As such, community mental health nursing is increasingly important, and educational institutions are an ideal place to intervene. However, the availability of school nursing services varies, as does the level of service provided. Designed to support nurses working in educational institutions, this toolkit provides information on:

  • school nursing in the UK
  • the role of the school nurse
  • key public health domains for specialist community public health and school nurses
  • leadership and management
  • support regarding:
    • bullying
    • sexual health
    • breakfast clubs
    • child-to-adult transition support
    • lifestyle guidance.