NHS Digital has launched an e-nursing campaign as part of a drive to establish a digital-ready workforce, in support of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) Every nurse an e-nurse campaign.

As the nursing profession evolves and pressure on the health service increases, the value of updating nursing practices by introducing more digital tools and training also increases. Many useful functions—such as recording or securely sharing data—could be improved considerably by uptake of emerging technology. The effective use of information and digital technologies is expected to be a key factor in delivering better health and social care now and in the future.

The RCN pledge to encourage every nurse to embrace the potential that digital technologies offer has been endorsed by NHS Digital, aiming to help integrate new technology into nursing and improving nursing care by effectively deploying digital tools.

Anne Cooper, Chief Nurse at NHS Digital, said: ‘Nurses are the bedrock of health and care—so much is asked of them and yet they consistently deliver world class care for their patients. The RCN is absolutely right to be placing such a priority on ensuring nurses across the NHS have the tools, skills, and resources they need to make the best use of technology and act as effective e-nurses.’

You can do your part to inform NHS Digital of how technology could improve your practice by engaging with them on Twitter and sharing your experiences.