Public Health England (PHE) has published minimum training standards for registered healthcare professionals involved in the administration of immunisations.

Immunisation is one of the most successful public health interventions available, and ensuring that public and professional confidence in immunisation is essential.

To continue the ongoing delivery of immunisation programmes that are effective and have high uptake, practitioners involved in immunisation should have access to comprehensive training, supervision, and support to ensure their knowledge is at a high level and that they are confident in immunisation policy and procedures.

These national standards describe the training that should be given to all practitioners providing any part of the immunisation programmes, to ensure that the service they provide is effective and that they are competent and confident. This document includes:

  • aims and objectives
  • standards for immunisation training for healthcare practitioners
  • core areas of immunisation knowledge
  • a competency assessment tool
  • suggested content for core topics to be covered in foundation immunisation training.

These standards have been approved for use in England, Northern Ireland, and Wales. In Scotland, these standards will be mapped across to educational resources as appropriate.