PHE seasonal influenza antiviral treatment and prophylaxis guideline

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A summary covering the use of antivirals for the treatment of influenza. Includes useful summary algorithm of antiviral prescribing criteria

This Guidelines summary covers Public Health England (PHE) guidance on the use of antiviral agents for the treatment of suspected or confirmed cases of seasonal influenza. Information includes: 

  • Treatment of suspected or confirmed influenza
    • summary algorithm for prescribing antiviral treatment for influenza
    • selection of antivirals for severely immunosuppressed patients
    • treatment of adults and children in community/A&E with uncomplicated influenza
      • treatment dosage
      • use of antivirals in pregnancy, breastfeeding, and hepatic dysfunction
      • recommended dosage for hepatic dysfunction
      • dosing in patients with renal dysfunction
    • treatment of adults and children with complicated influenza
  • Prescribing in primary care

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