Close up of teeth during dental check up_AS

Medications and their effects on oral health


Gemma Higgs gives her view on how patients can be supported to manage common oral conditions, some of which can be caused by medications.

Young man testing breathing function by spirometry_AS

Spirometry—it’s meaningless if incorrect!


With 15 years of expertise in spirometry, Chris Loveridge answers your questions about spirometry and emphasises the need to take a clinical history.

Woman using asthma inhaler

Device selection in children and adults


Jane Scullion provides some simple and practical advice on optimal inhaler device selection for adults and children.

Inhaler for capsule and spray

Striking a balance: device choice and therapeutic dosages


Jane Scullion looks at the increasing complexity of the multitude of MDI and DPI devices that are available and the therapeutic options they offer.

Blackwood karen

Safer insulin prescribing and ongoing management of individuals taking insulin in primary care


Karen Bartha discusses recommendations for the safe prescribing of insulin and the types of insulin available for different patient groups.

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