Blackwood karen

Safer insulin prescribing and ongoing management of individuals taking insulin in primary care


Karen Bartha discusses recommendations for the safe prescribing of insulin and the types of insulin available for different patient groups.

Diabetes equipment 640x426

Diabetes in pregnancy: how nurses can help provide optimal care


Karen Bartha discusses the role of primary care healthcare professionals in the management of pregnant women with pre‑existing diabetes.

blackwood karen

Dispelling myths about revalidation


Karen Bartha addresses myths about the revalidation process, and provides helpful advice on how to prepare for revalidation.

amanda epps

What your patient with type 1 diabetes needs to know before they go on holiday


Amanda Epps highlights pre-travel advice for patients with type 1 diabetes.

holloway debra

Causes, diagnosis, and management of common gynaecological symptoms


Debra Holloway discusses common gynaecological symptoms, differential diagnosis, and treatment

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